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‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Is Making A Comeback


There are some TV shows which quickly cement their place as a classic, but have a tough time making it to screens around the world.

Celebrity Deathmatch definitely fits this description. The hilarious stop-motion animation series pitted celebrities against one another in 93 amazing episodes between 1998 and 2002.

After the first batch of seasons a revival was attempted from 2006 to 2007, before failing and suffering a third revival attempt in 2015.

In many ways the show predated memes, hitting at the very core of what made pop culture so ridiculous. The show was immensely popular back in its day and even spawned an awesome video game that some of you may remember.

Well, fans of the show have been treated to some good news: the show is going to be revived in partnership with Ice Cube and Cube Vision.


It’s definitely an intriguing prospect… Will the show pull its punches in the age of outrage? Or will it emerge firing on all cylinders and deliver the edge comedy that it became famous for?

Fans appear to be split into two camps.

The positive fans are welcoming the news with open arms and can’t wait to see which matchups are made. 6ix9ine taking on the likes of Miley Cyrus is definitely an intriguing prospect.

Others are a little more anxious about the results and believe that the show won’t be able to retain its previous edge.