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Denim Speedos aka ‘Jeados’ Arrive Just In Time For Summer


Denim is continuing its fashion evolution of versatility. First there was the bell bottom jean, a performance dance pants for groovy souls frequenting disco halls of the 80s.

Then there was the jean shorts (jorts) built for hard working Americans, Dallas Cowboy fans, and people today who are stuck in the 90s.

In the late 2000’s we got jeggings, expandable stretchy denim that only a few could pull off.


Today, I’m proud to present to the world, Jeados, a denim speedo built to keep you ‘cool’ on the hottest summer days. Brought to life by the fantastic party apparel outlet Shinesty.

The speedo is actually denim printed, meaning you won’t chaffe nearly as bad as you would if you had pure 100% American denim in your crotch.

They also offer the womens variety, aka the Jeankini, which is just as stylish as the mens version. See below:

The speedo comes in at $40 with Free Shipping, less expensive than a Gucci swimsuit, but more than your traditional Old Navy trunks.

You can shop them here.