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Don’t Try This At Home: Jaw-Dropping Spider-Man Parkour


Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the best-known and most-loved superheroes out there. Everybody knows who he is and what he does.

Spidey fever is in full swing these days too: he’s a fan favorite in the Avengers movies and the recent video game focused around him, published by Insomniac, has been received amazingly well and it captures the magic of the classic Playstation 2 game.

All in all, things are looking pretty good for Peter Parker these days.


Inspired by one of their favorite superhero characters, two twins in Melbourne recently paid homage to Spidey in the coolest way possible: by dressing up as him and performing some incredible parkour:

It’s pretty wild to see two versions of Spider-Man in real life, perfectly synchronized. The effect works brilliantly and the duo even somehow manage to look exactly like Spider-Man. The costumes are very high quality for sure!

The twins make their incredible stunt look truly effortless as they bound from one beam to the next. The raw GoPro footage is awesome and it helps you to truly appreciate how talented the twins are…

And how absolutely horrifying parkour running can be! The water awaits below and the bridge they jump across certainly isn’t a short one…

The sound of a drone can be heard close to the twins so we’re sure that Brodie and Dylan have an even more polished and slick version coming soon… Our Spider Senses are absolutely tingling.

Personally, we’re going to stick to the game to feel like Spider-Man but well done to those who have the skills and courage to do this type of running!

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