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Earl Sweatshirt Tells Fans ‘Wait Is Almost Over’ For Album Drop


Image credit Earl Sweathshirt IG

We hope Earl Sweatshirt isn’t just playing with us, because he hinted that new music may be on the way… and we’re totally here for it.

It’s been over three years since he dropped his most recent album, I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside. The album, which was incredibly well-received, had hits like “Wool” featuring Vince Staples. And now, as teased in a now-deleted tweet, Earl Sweatshirt may be dropping a new album soon. Telling fans “THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER !!”, Sweatshirt got fans hyped about how soon he’d be releasing a followup. It doesn’t matter that the tweet has since been deleted; the Internet always keeps receipts.

Earl Sweatshirt has been teasing the idea of new music for a long time — since the end of 2017, to be specific.

We’re nearing the end of 2018 now, but we’ve yet to receive new music. He seems to acknowledge that he’s left fans hanging, because in early September he tweeted: “bro I got heat lmao don Eem worry abt it.”

But where is that heat, Earl? Because inquiring minds want — no, need — to know.

To be fair, he has been working on new music. Alchemist’s upcoming EP, Bread, features Earl Sweatshirt on a track called “E. Coli.” And Sweatshirt has been in the studio with experimental music group Standing on the Corner, who consider their music “post-genre.”

So while we’re not sure what to expect from Earl Sweatshirt’s new music, we have faith that it’s coming. And we sure as hell hope it’s flames.

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