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Eminem’s Kamikaze Officially Reaches Platinum Status


Wow. Eminem is now ten for ten when it comes to platinum albums.

Chart Data announced the news on Twitter with this very simple and direct tweet:

His most recent offering, Kamikaze, took the world by storm when it was released out of the blue on August 31 (yes, time does go incredibly fast).

Since the album’s release it has been lauded as Eminem’s most solid work in a decade and hailed as a return to his earlier form. Fellow rappers and fans alike rejoiced at Eminem’s return to glory, their love for the album propelling it to quickly become Slim’s tenth platinum album.

There’s also been a lot of beef after the album dropped, with Eminem taking shots at other big names in the rap game.

Perhaps the most famous beef was started with Machine Gun Kelly, the 28-year-old rapper who hails from Cleveland, Ohio. He and Eminem’s troubled past can be traced back to 2012 when MGK tweeted about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie. He said that she looked “hot as fuck” which didn’t play well with her old man.

There are rumors of other events between then and the release of Kamikaze, where Eminem took shots on his track “Not Alike”. This was the first time one of the two directly called out the other and MGK responded just days later with “Rap Devil”.

Eminem followed up with “Killshot” which, despite angry words at his shows and in interviews, MGK doesn’t plan to respond to.

Despite the fact this beef took up most of the publicity in the wake of Em dropping Kamikaze, the album will eventually be remembered as a turning point in Eminem’s later career. Who knows what might come next, now that the king is back and on form?

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