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Friends Make World’s Largest Bath Bomb And Throw It In Backyard Pool



If you are a fan of bath bombs, you know how fun can it be to throw it in the bathtub. All the color and the bubbles can make your bath so much fun.

A couple of friends over at Vat19 who are big fans of bath bombs gathered and decided to make a massive one. To be precise, a 2,000-pound one. Of course, this project required a large number of participants and a lot of material. It all started with making a mold from fiberglass.

They used 31 50-pound bags of material to make this big bomb. The material was mixed in the next ratio: one part cornstarch, one part citric acid, and two parts baking soda. They mixed all the ingredients and added the dye to color the bath bomb.

After it has been in the mold for a day, they carefully cut the mold off and the 2000-pound bath bomb was ready. All they had to do is to gather all the friends for a fun bath in the swimming pool.

They were not disappointed. The bomb dropping has attracted a lot of people, the adults and the kids, who enjoyed a colored water full of bubbles. It seems that the biggest challenge here will be cleaning up the pool after the party ends. You can check out how did it all looked in the following video.

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