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Greece Bans ‘Fat Tourists’ From Riding Donkeys


Santorini is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands. Home to incredible views, prehistoric ruins, volcanic craters, and much more, around 1,200 eager visitors arrive on cruise ships each day between May and October.

The island is also renowned for its cute donkeys that ferry happy tourists around the island.

On the surface some may believe that these cute animals seem to have it all right, with a lifetime in the sun and walking throughout the island. Others do not feel the same with complaints the donkeys have stayed the same size over the years but the tourists have gotten larger.


Santorini has a hilly terrain and donkeys are often required to travel through pathways too narrow for cars. Activists have also complained about their treatment by their owners.

According to 9Gag, new legislation dictates that donkeys cannot carry a load that is heavier than 220 pounds.

The legislation doesn’t just stop there. It also demands that donkeys are given the appropriate amounts of food and water and that their saddles are made to fit appropriately. This will remedy some of the main issues that face donkeys on the island and many hope that the legislation will be followed diligently by the donkey owners.

A driving force behind this new legislation is Christina Kaloudi who moved to the island 10 years ago. Since moving to the island she created the Santorini Animal Welfare Association which advocates for the fair treatment of donkeys.