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How This 26 Year Old Gamer ‘Ninja’ Makes $500,000 A Month Playing Video Games From His Bedroom


Fortnite is an absolute gaming sensation and we’ve never quite seen anything like it before. Across all platforms it currently has 140 million downloads and that number hasn’t started to slow down yet.

The game blew up because it balances a range of factors: it nailed the emerging “battle royale” genre at the right time, offers a funky aesthetic with lots of unlockables, and offers fun gameplay across a huge range of devices.

Even if you’re not a player, you’ll have noticed crazy dance moves from the game seeping into popular culture. Basically, if you’ve seen a weird new dance recently the chances are it’s from Fortnite.

Aside from the dances, costumes, and alarming number of Fortnite t-shirts seen in public these days, one of the wildest stories surrounding the game is the rise of Ninja.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a livestreamer that has his content on both YouTube and Twitch. Between subscription earnings, tips, and other revenue streams he’s making an estimated $500,000 every month. And he’s also sponsored by Red Bull.


He’s pretty much nailed the “flossing” dance by now, too.

Ninja has rocketed to prominence in the past few months and according to a recent Business Insider report, his number of Twitch followers keeps increasing by massively by the day. And this is projected to keep on happening.

This all makes Ninja one of the highest-paid personalities in streaming and e-sports in general, a sector that is blowing up in popularity and the money circulating within it.

Ninja credits much of his recent growth to a game he played with Drake, which was streamed for the world to view. It all happened when Drake shot Ninja a DM via Instagram and asked the gamer if they could play together.

You can watch it here:

Remember all those times you were told to stop playing video games as a kid because they wouldn’t lead to anything? Yep, us too…

We are still waiting for the opportunity to see Ninja out there in Tomato Town to make our grasp at glory!