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Kendrick Lamar To Be First Ever CFB Championship Halftime Performer


Kendrick Lamar, 7-time Grammy winner, will be the first ever performer of the College Football Championship Game. While the CFB Championship has gone on forever, there’s never been a halftime performance – and making Kendrick Lamar the first ever to perform is more than just groundbreaking. Off his new hit album DAMN, Kendrick is one of the most popular artists right now…and landing him probably wasn’t easy. There’s so much hype around his halftime show, that a lot of people have forgotten about the actual game itself. Afterall, it is just college football, and getting Kendrick Lamar to perform is more of an NFL type of move. Regardless, we’re thrilled…and I’ll definitely be tuning in for that epic performance.

The teams competing for the title haven’t been announced yet as the play off games take place first, and the results from those games will determine who plays in the CFB. It’s safe to assume that it’ll ultimately be Clemson vs Bama, which will make for a great game considering that this will be the third consecutive year they’ve played each other in the championship. Year one, Bama came away with the win. Year two, Clemson got their revenge. If they play each other for the third match up, the only thing that could raise tensions higher is a killer performance by Kendrick. If you haven’t heard anything of Kendrick’s new album DAMN, here’s one of the more popular ones entitled “Loyalty” :