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Joe Budden Discusses If Colin Kaepernick Should Be Getting Paid For Activism


We all know that Joe Budden has a lot of opinions, and his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick are no different. Kap was recently the topic of discussion on Budden’s show with Remy Ma State of the Culture, and the television personality had a lot to say regarding Kap’s deal with Nike.

Watch them discuss below:

When the conversation took a turn into Colin Kaepernick’s perceived plight since his days in the NFL, Budden had no interest in pitying the former player. “Don’t do that. Don’t do that,” Budden said. “Don’t act like Colin Kaepernick has not been getting paid for activism.”

Budden, who at first seemed critical of Kap’s current come up, then exclaimed “I’m not faulting him for it — get paid, n*gga!” But like many people, Joe Budden’s feelings on the situation seem a bit unclear.

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It’s important to note that Kaepernick isn’t just taking the money he’s receiving and running.

Instead, Kap has shown his commitment to social justice by donating over one million dollars (of his own money) to activist causes. And this isn’t just speculation. His donation history has thoroughly been itemized by those who want to see what Kap is doing with his coins.

Charities and initiatives that Colin Kaepernick has donated to include Black Youth Project, Mothers Against Police Brutality, and Communities United By Police Reform.

But let’s be clear: Kap’s charitable nature isn’t limited to racially charged organizations like skeptics may think.

Kap has donated to causes affecting all marginalized populations, from the elderly, to the disabled, to the homeless. Some of these organizations include Meals on Wheels, Coalition For The Homeless, and 100 Suits For 100 Men.

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The monetization of Colin Kaepernick’s activism is perhaps as controversial as his activism itself. And while opinions are quite polarized about all things Kap, one thing is for sure: with all the money he’s donated to charity, Colin Kaepernick really is putting his money where his mouth is.