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Jordan Peele Becomes First Black Screenwriter To Win Oscar For Best Original Screenplay, Keeps Award In Strange Place


On Sunday, March 4th, Jordan Peele became the first black screenwriter to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his film, Get Out.

Heading into the event, Peele and Get Out were nominated for four awards, including the most prestigious award, best picture. To date, only four black film writers have previously been nominated in the best original screenplay category in all of Oscar history.

If you haven’t seen Get Out yet (which we suggest you see soon), it’s a social thriller about an African American man who’s weekend getaway to meet his girlfriend’s white parents takes a twisted, unexpected nose dive. Its been accredited for shedding light on racism in America, bringing in over $176 million dollars.

For those of you that have seen the film, I’m sure you recognize the chair that Peele displays his Oscar in front of. Directly across from the Emmy he snagged for Key and Peele in 2016, he’s displaying his Oscar proudly in front of the chair the main character gets hypnotized in in the film. Could this be symbolic of a greater message? Regardless, it’s a great moment for the actor, writer, and director – and we can’t wait to see what he does next.