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Khabib’s $2 Million Earnings Still Withheld; UFC Title Hangs in the Balance


UFC 229 was an incredible card jam-packed with action but everyone is talking about the events that unfolded after Conor McGregor tapped to Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov in the fourth round.

Immediately after his victory Khabib was uncharacteristically angry and threw his mouthpiece at Dillon Dannis – McGregor’s jiu-jitsu coach – before vaulting the fence and flying through the air to try and land some blows.

A lot of madness unfolded from this point onward but Khabib was the instigator and because of this, his fate within the UFC hangs in the balance.

In the post-fight press conference Dana White confirmed that McGregor had received his purse for the fight from the Nevada State Athletic Commission while Khabib’s was still being withheld. This is still the case four days later and the investigation is still going.

Some UFC fans believe that this is unfair given McGregor was guilty of bad behavior in the run-up to the fight, infamously launching a dolly into the bus that Khabib and his team were on.

Footage from the attack was used in the run-up to the fight and some have pointed the blame towards Dana White, the President of the UFC, for encouraging and even rewarding the poor behavior.

McGregor is still the UFC’s biggest star and has, in a roundabout way, benefitted from the shameful scenes on Saturday evening: his comprehensive loss has been clouded by the drama and many believe that he will soon be choosing his next opponent. The day after his defeat he shared a tweet expressing interest in a rematch:

The possibility for a rematch seems unlikely, though. Many believe that McGregor didn’t present enough of a challenge to the brutal Khabib and if the current investigations take a bad turn, the Russian-born fighter could even see himself stripped of the belt.

This would undoubtedly jeopardize his future with the UFC and he could move to another promotion.