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Kylie Jenner Didn’t Know Cereal With Milk Was A Thing And The Internet is Going Insane


Surely, you have heard a thousand times that celebrities are nothing different from the ordinary people. Even though they go to the parties, make tons of money, get pictures on the red carpet, go to the vacations in the most exclusive and beautiful places on Earth and what not, they are still people, just like you. But…is that really true? Celebrities that are celebrities ever since they were kids can’t have the same life as the rest of us mortals. Maybe the biggest difference is the things you get to experience during life.

The proof of that is one of the latest Kylie Jenner’s tweets that caused a lot of discussions and polemics. Anyway, Kylie tweeted that she tried cereal with milk for the first time in her life.

Now, having in mind that cereal with milk is maybe the most popular choice for breakfast, you must wonder how is it possible that a grown person didn’t try it. Kylie explained it in the next tweet saying that she did eat cereal but she ate it dry, without the milk.

Maybe after the explanation, the whole thing is not so weird. But, that didn’t stop the internet from going crazy on this subject, just like any other topic involving the Kardashians or the Jenners. A part of the internet was strongly judgemental, criticizing her for having plastic surgery before eating milk with cereal or just aiming for rich people being insensitive. The other half, naturally, defended her by saying that they don’t eat milk with cereal, as well.

We are probably not aware of how much celebrities know or don’t know about the ordinary life, but with the social media we will probably find out in the future. By then, enjoy your cereal with milk while you are reading the morning news.