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Leak of The Week: Jarv


Many will argue that today’s hip hop is in trouble. With a growing list of mumble rappers and hooks we can barely understand, artists like Jarv are bringing back the true essence of Hip Hop. We sat down with the Vermont native to discuss his latest tour and upcoming projects.

1.How was it growing up in Windsor, Vermont and what is the Hip Hop scene like?

Growing up in Windsor was pretty decent. It’s a small town and that’s kind of how I would describe the Vermont Hip Hop scene. Everyone in the scene pretty much knows and supports each other.

2.In your videos, you are playing guitar, banging on the drum machine, do you make your own beats too?

Yeah, my dude ThiefofBaghdad made all the beats on “The Boiler Room”, but other than that, it’s all me.

3.You’re just coming off the ‘Food For Thought’ tour with Mister Burns, tell us about the inspiration behind the tour and which city you enjoyed most.

Mister Burns set that whole thing up, but I was super glad to be a part of it. We raised over two grand for food shelves across New England. If I had to pick a favorite city, it’d probably be Portland, ME, but if we’re talking about what shows were the best, I’d say either New Haven, CT, or Manchester, NH.

4.Is Music your 9am-5pm? or 5pm-9am?

Both. I worked in a machine shop for about 3 years and managed to save a bunch of money. I quit like two years ago to do music and I’m still coasting off that. I make enough with my music to maintain. Also, living rent-free in my mom’s basement doesn’t hurt…

5.You were recently featured as Leak of the Week on our Facebook page and accumulated over 4M views. How have things been since then?

Things have been good, man. Working on a couple projects at the moment. Can’t wait for people to hear what I’ve got cooked up.

6.Walk us through a normal studio session, what time does it usually start? Is there Pizza? Are you in the studio alone? With the entourage? Blunts and 40s?

I’m pretty much in the studio all day every day. There’s often pizza and booze, but the blunts need to be smoked outside (mom’s rule).

7.What can we expect from Jarv in 2018?

Jarvage Vol.2 and hopefully an album or ep. We shall see…

Dream Stage:

If you could put 5 people on stage for one night, who would it be?

Pretty random but I’ll say Tom Waits, D’angelo, Q-Tip, Outkast, and Anderson .Paak in no particular order.