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Lioness Sits On Mate In Attempt To Get His Attention But He Ignores Her


Today, we lay witness to one of nature’s funniest rejections ever caught on film, and not just for lions, but for the entire animal kingdom.

Shot from inside an undisclosed zoo, we’ll see our very ‘forward’ lioness approach what seems to be a handsome well aged pride, chilling, relaxing, and staring out into the distance.

She circles him multiple times, ringing the dinner bell, letting him know that she’s down for a steamy afternoon mating session.

What our primed up lioness does next is absolutely and hysterically savage.

Ready to get things started, she brings her rear end straight to the males nose, as if to say “Sup, wanna %^&?”

The male like a don, gazes straight ahead, paying the lion love piece right in front of him no mind.
Our female understands that she’s not getting noticed, so she decides to switch it up. Running around the back of him, bringing her warmth straight to the male lions private area.

He blocks her again.

And then again.

And of course once more, this time literally, stepping over her.

Now why is she getting denied in the first place? Where did she go wrong.

Maybe she’s about a 7 in lion looks and the male, striking, handsome is a 10.
Maybe the male lion just finished up laying with another lioness, perhaps, and then enjoyed a hearty meal.
Maybe its NFL Sunday and the Detroit lions are on.

Either way, enjoy the video below.


And the internet responded:

Susan W, a Facbook commenter noted “He better be careful I just watched the video where all the lionesses eat him. ”, referring to the recent video”

Doug R agrees with me about the Detroit Lions being on, “Poor guy!! He’s trying to watch football and this is what she does to him!! I feel bad for this guy! I know how he feel’s..”

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