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Machine Gun Kelly Mocks Eminems ‘Killshot’ Diss Track


Eminem’s most recent album, Kamikaze, came out of nowhere and it flew to the top of the Billboard 100 – Eminem’s ninth number one album.

The album has received some rave reviews, with some seeing the latest offering from Eminem as a return to form and Shady’s roots. Now that the dust has settled, however, it seems that Eminem’s feud with fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly is one of the main talking points.

MGK had this to say after ‘Killshot’, Eminem’s response to MGK’s ‘Rap Devil’.

Like most rap feuds there’s a juicy and contrived history to the beef. Its roots lie in MGK tweeting in 2012 that Hailie, Eminem’s daughter, was “hot as f**k”. It looks like Eminem didn’t forget and singled out MGK on his track Not Alike from Kamikaze. MGK responded with his own track Rap Devil.

He doesn’t pull any punches in the track and goes at Eminem from all angles: his clothes, his ex-wife, and particularly his age and sobriety. MGK also suggests that Eminem was responsible for him being blackballed from venues in his career.

It took just 11 days for Eminem to put together and release his retort, Killshot. This track picks apart MGK piece by piece targeting his lack of experience in the rap game, his romantic life, and his career in general.

But it looks like this wasn’t the Killshot that Eminem was going for.

MGK was quick to respond on Twitter after the track dropped and he seems genuinely unphased by the track:

In a recent show in Orlando MGK dissed Eminem on stage before performing Rap Devil, which you can catch below:

Who knows what will happen next? One thing is for sure, there’s a lot more twists and turns to come.