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Man Reviews Scotch While Wife Packs Her Things and Leaves Him in the Background


This is an instant classic.

He starts the video saying he’s had a fairly good week and wants to celebrate by having a drink.

He also states he’s celebrating because his wife is leaving him.

Throughout the video you can see her popping in and out of the video and what looks to be packing her things and leaving him..

Unbothered, the man gives little reason as to why his wife is leaving him and continues on with his review which is actually pretty good.

In the video description he stated:

“One of my all-time favorites, it’s a peaty, smokey, delicious experience if you appreciate peat, and it’s totally disgusting if you don’t like peat”

The video was posted back in 2015 but has recently picked up steam and gone viral. It looks like this may launch this mans review career to the next level.

Since then this man has posted hundreds…. maybe thousands on new videos.

None of them show off his wife who left him so it looks like the marriage actually fell through as this man reviewed a beverage.

Check out the video here:

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