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Man Spotted Carrying A Pet Raccoon On His Shoulders Into A Store In NYC


Raccoons are incredibly cute but many people consider them to be pests. When they’re spotted in urban areas they’re associated with trash and dirtiness, which gives them a bad reputation.

NYC has a lot of raccoons, in fact in the more populated areas there are an estimated 100 per square mile. That’s a pretty crazy number but among all of those raccoons there’s a particularly special one that was recently spotted heading into 7/11 with its owner:

This video was captured in the Bronx, NYC’s northernmost borough. It’s pretty stunning to see a raccoon so close to a human and it’s remarkable that the raccoon is so relaxed!

In fact, raccoons are said to be much smarter than we all realize. They have been found to remember solutions to puzzles for over three years and they were very popular test subjects back in previous years. They fell out of favor though because they were so good at staging escapes!

Despite their intelligence many states have banned citizens from owning them and people that do require special permits.

But this raccoon doesn’t seem to have a care in the world: balancing nimbly upon the shoulders (and head!) of its owner, this particularly cute raccoon takes in the sights and sounds of 7/11 pretty calmly and sticks close to its owner.

A customer at the end of the video can be heard explaining that the man has cared for the pet since it was a baby and it spent its youngest years in the man’s pocket. It’s beautiful to see how the two have grown together and we hope that the friendship between the mysterious man and his raccoon last for many years to come!