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Netflix New Horror Film is the Scariest Thing People Ever Saw


Tired of the typical Christmas movies?

Sometimes a spooky horror movie is the perfect way to shake things up and break free from the endless cycle of Home Alone, Elf, and other holiday favorites.

Well, this year Netflix has given us the perfect option and many people are saying it’s one of the spookiest movies that they have ever seen.


At the time of writing, Bird Box has very positive reviews on popular websites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. It stars Sandra Bullock and she comes together with a group of other survivors to escape the grasp of a mysterious force that causes people to commit suicide.

Yup, it doesn’t sound like your typical Christmas movie!

But with that said, many viewers have been quick to lavish praise upon the spooky movie, sharing their theories far and wide on social media.

The film is based on Josh Malerman’s 2014 novel that has the same name. The transition to screen has been a faithful one according to fans, and the post-apocalyptic setting comes to life in a truly haunting way.

Susanne Bier directed the movie and in an interview with /Film, she spoke about what gives the movie it’s thoroughly creepy feeling:

“I think watching a movie like that allows us to play that game, but because it’s in a confined space of two hours, you can do it relatively freely. I think it’s like fairy tales for kids. They can be really harrowing, but I think in a way that’s also kids addressing the most dangerous thing they can think of, the scariest thing they can think of, meeting a witch on the way.”

Have you ventured into Bird Box yet, or will you be giving it a miss?