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Netflix’s Documentary The Devil Next Door Hailed As Best Of The Year


Netflix’s new crime documentary ‘The Devil Next Door’ tells the true story of Ukrainian-American, John Demjanjuk who was living in Cleveland Ohio as a retired auto mechanic in the 1980’s.

The documentary starts when John is accused by a group of Holocaust Survivors of being ‘Ivan The Terrible’, a disgustingly cruel Nazi death camp guard who killed and tortured 1 Million Jewish prisoners during the second World War.

John, known as a ‘Family Man’ in Cleveland, found himself being extradited to Israel by the US government, to stand trial for crimes against humanity at the age of 66.

The gripping documentary which details his trial is split into 5 episodes and shows real footage from the Israeli courtroom. Witnesses are called, both family members of John, and prisoners from the death camps who claimed it was he who was feared as ‘Ivan The Terrible’.

Demjanjuk lived in Ukraine during a horrible famine in the 1930’s, and then was drafted by the Soviet Union to fight the Nazis in 1940. In 1942 he was captured by the Nazis and then sent to work as a guard at different Nazi concentration camps for the next 3 years.

It was at the camps where the crimes described by war survivors depicted John as a cruel Sword wielding guardsmen, who chopped off body parts of Jewish prisoners, stabbed women and children and beat people with a led pipe while forcing them into the gas chamber.

Demanjuk died in prison in 2012, however as new evidence surfaces about his conviction, we’re not entirely sure of his true identity.

Netflix released the Devil Next Door on November 4th and it is already being hailed as the true crime documentary of the year.