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Newscaster Mocked For Wearing Jacket With Penis Outline Live On Air


You can’t run and you certainly can’t hide. If you ever do anything remotely embarrassing under the ever-watchful eyes of the internet, somebody is going to find out.

That is what happened on Wednesday in Australia after an unfortunate clothing choice.

We’re pretty sure that Wednesday morning started in a routine way for Channel Nine’s Samantha Heathwood. The Brisbane-based anchor probably checked the news for the day, picked out an outfit, and went on her way to work.

Little did she know that at some point along the way, she had sown the seeds of how own online mocking.

Yup, you see it too. Her clothes definitely have a penis outline. It’s pretty remarkable just how closely it jumps out of the screen, and you have to wonder whether the designer was having a little private joke with themselves. Apparently, it was designed by an Australian designer called Scanlan Theodore.

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time that the jacket was worn and the unfortunate penis appeared. Not by a long shot.


Back in 2015 #PenisJacket was sported by Channel Ten’s Natarsha Belling. While she pioneered the look, it wasn’t quite as clear as this most recent version. There have been other instances of the look appearing, and there will be more watchful eyes waiting for the next sighting than ever before.

Well, at least Samantha seems to have gotten her most embarrassing moment of 2019 out of the way quickly, and for that we are a little bit jealous. For the rest of us, it most probably lies ahead of us!