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Nipsey Hussle Was Scheduled To Meet With LAPD To Discuss Gang Violence


Yesterday, Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot outside a clothing store in Los Angeles.

The loss of the talented and gifted artist is sorely felt and in the hours since family, fans, and friends have come together to grieve and share their memories about the critically-acclaimed artist.

The rapper was just 33 years old and while the story is still unraveling, many believe that the suspect – who also wounded two others – was affiliated with a gang.

Steve Soboroff is the LA Police Commissioner and tragically, he announced on Twitter today that he was set to meet with Nipsey Hussle. Before being murdered, the rapper had requested the meeting to discuss how he could help to stop gang-related violence and have a positive impact on children.

To his family and friends, the revelation about this meeting comes as no surprise. The rapper was well-known for his kind heart and attempts to use his influence to have a positive impact on the environment around him.

A piece from the LA Times has captured his spirit well: Nipsey Hussle’s dreams were bigger than hip-hop. The artist was also an entrepreneur, community organizer, activist, and mentor.

His greater ambitions were accented with everyday acts of kindness: he was known to buy shoes for students, repair basketball courts, provide shelter for the homeless, and pay for the funerals of those families who struggled to get the money together.

As the investigation continues, tributes continue to pour in for the beloved artist. Nipsey Hussle’s life ended at the hands of senseless violence, but there is no doubt that his positive force will endure for many years to come, inspiring his admirers to be forces for good in the world.