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Nun Tries To Be Terrifying But Ends Up Downright Hilarious


We are all familiar with the movies “The Conjuring” and the “The Nun”. So, it is not a surprise that the nun costume is very popular these days.

When it’s Halloween and you are at a Halloween party, it is not so weird to see a man dressed as a nun. But, when you are in your favorite diner, eating a meal, a man dressed as a nun, or even worse, a zombie nun, is quite an unusual sight.


Regardless of the place, a man tried to look terrifying and tough. But the universe had different plans. Check out the video below to find out what happened.

Just like many people, a man ordered a beverage alongside his meal. When he reached for the beverage to drink it through the straw, he miscalculated the distance and the straw ended up in his nose. It is hard to be cool and terrifying when there is a straw in your nose. He tried to act like nothing happened and continued to drink and eat, but as we all know, the embarrassment is not easily forgotten.

We are sure that many people had experienced the unpleasant “straw in the nose” situation, but most didn’t experience it in public and certainly not dressed as a zombie nun. At least, he managed to be one of a kind.

Watch the full video below:

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