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Overprotective Dog Hilariously Follows Owner Around House


Pitbulls are renowned for being strong and agile dogs but this reputation has been to their detriment at times. There is a lot of myth and hearsay surrounding this breed of dog but many of them are intelligent and loyal.

Take Maddie, for example. This gorgeous (and yes, slightly intimidating) pitbull has become an internet sensation recently due to a video grabbed by her owner Mike Taddeo.

In the video Mike walks around his home and records the whole thing. Sounds simple enough, right? Viewers will notice, though, that Maddie somehow appears mysteriously at every single window to watch over Mike and not pass up on a moment of supervision.

You can check it out here:


As you can see, Maddie certainly takes good care of Mike and their home! She would certainly make any potential thieves think twice and trying their luck.

Some viewers are in total disbelief and they claim that the images of “Maddie” are simply cardboard cutouts. Other theories say that there are in fact multiple dogs stationed at each of the windows. It’s certainly an intriguing question but these theories are thrown into doubt because you can actually see Maddie moving on her way to one of the windows.

What do you think? Does your dog behave in a similar way or does it not lose a moment to get up to mischief when you’ve left the house?

We want to believe that the dog is carefully and patiently watching over her owner. We know that with the love dogs have for their owners, it’s certainly possible.