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People Are Arguing Over What These Things Are Called


Iceys, Ice Pops, Freeze Pops… That’s what I called them, but I’m just a 28 year old New Yorker, and what do I really know what the heck people from the rest of the world call them?

The truth is, there is no official name for these summer delicacies. But an online debate has been heating up to what these should be called.

It all started overseas, in Europe (didn’t know they had them there either), where a discussion broke out via Twitter. Now this is funny as hell for Americans, because I can’t imagine anyone calling an ice pop any of these names.

Really an ‘Ice Pole’??? I guess that makes sense, but its not really a pole, more like an ‘Ice Stick’ is what we’d probably call them over here.

The ‘Chilly Willy’ is hilarious as well, and definitely a British take on it. Doesn’t make as much sense as the Ice Pole, because a Willy in the USA is well, you know what a willy is. If you were to say your NYC friend “Yo, it’s mad hot. Do you have any Chilly Willy’s”, I don’t think you would exactly end up with an ice pop.

The Scottish people are offended people aren’t calling them Ice Poles, but should they be?

Buzzfeed took a poll on this exact subject, peep the results below. Ice Pole is nowhere on the list lol

Tell us what you called them in the comments.