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R.Kelly Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations in New Interview: ‘I’m Fighting for My F*cking Life’


These are troubling times indeed for R&B singer R. Kelly.

He has recently been charged in Chicago with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. These charges come in the wake of the premiere of Surviving R. Kelly in January, which detailed the sexual abuse allegations leveled at R. Kelly.

The month after the series aired, Kelly’s record label RCA Records severed ties and things went from bad to worse when Kelly was charged in February.

This troubling series of events is taking its toll on R. Kelly, who is set to appear in a CBS interview on Wednesday, March 6. A clearly agitated Kelly explains that the allegations are nothing but “rumors”, and that given his acquittal in the past for similar charges he should not be facing an additional trial.

You can see an excerpt from the interview here:

In the second extract, Kelly becomes even more emotional and asks that the viewers and his critics “use their common sense”. Overcome with emotion, he explains that he is fighting for his life after batting away a descriptive accusation, deeming it “untrue”.

It appears as though a complex and winding legal process awaits Kelly in the coming months, whose woes are compounded by a string of financial issues. He has recently been unable to pay for his bail and could be required to pay backdated rent.

R. Kelly has already survived one trial in the past… But Bill Cosby also survived his initial trial. In a post-Weinstein and #MeToo world, though, things are much tougher and things aren’t looking great for R. Kelly.