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Remy Ma Speaks On Women Who Seek Child Support From Their Famous Exes


Remy Ma – the New York rapper who came to prominence as part of Terror Squad and has since won multiple Best Female Hip-Hop Artist Awards – has leveled some stern words toward mothers who may be seeking to have children simply for child support.

In a segment on REVOLT TVs “State of the Culture”, the rapper made bold statements about money-hungry women who have children for the wrong reasons.

Remy Ma is currently pregnant herself and recently renewed her vows with her husband Papoose. She said:

“These b*tches go to court and they be lying and it’s sad,”

“I bet you if they made it so that you could only get child support if you were married to the person, a lot of these b*tches would stop waiting outside of basketball games and outside of concerts tryna f*** n*ggas because you know b*tch you get knocked up, you ain’t getting no money.”

Continuing to speak alongside her co-hosts Joe Budden, Scottie Beam, and Jinx, she touched upon the responsibility that both parents have toward their child and how the responsibility should be shared:

“If my husband, God forbid, dropped off the face of the earth, I’m going to make sure my son is OK,” she said. “You got these b*tches es that sit around on they ass all day and expect because they let a n*gga with some money stick they d*ck in them and they had a baby that they f*ckin’ hit the lottery.”

Harsh words indeed, but the sentiment rings true. You can check out the portion of the episode in its entirety here:

“State of the Culture” – a fresh show from REVOLT TV – premiered on September 10 this year and is proving to dig deep into interesting topics in unfiltered ways.

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