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Samsung And Apple Fined For Slowing Down Devices With Software Updates


Long suspected but not quite proven, Samsung and Apple have finally been caught for intentionally slowing down their devices to pressure consumers into upgrades.

Back in January, and Italian organization responsible for monitoring competition among businesses launched an investigation into the matter. Their findings have now revealed that consumers haven’t been crazy in their suspicions – that there are indeed software updates used by both companies that slow down and almost damage the usability of their devices over time.

These methods were found to be used intentionally by Samsung and Apple, something the Italian firm refers to as “planned obsolescence”. Not only that, it was proven that both device tycoons used dishonest commercial practices to entice consumers into thinking there wasn’t an issue.

The punishment? Millions of dollars in fines, of course. Samsung received a hefty fine of 5 million euros, or around 5.7 million USD. Apple, on the other hand, was fined twice. Once for using the shady software updates, and once for deliberately killing their lithium batteries, something many Apple users have long suspected.

Though Apple admitted to using the detrimental software, they claimed it was to stop the degradation of their batteries, which has now been revealed as blatant dishonesty. Therefore, their fine totalled 10 million euros, or around 11.4 million USD.

Luckily for consumers, this investigation could pave the way for similar lawsuits and thus provide rightful protection against such dishonesty. Currently, an investigation is being conducted in France, and a class action lawsuit is in progress in California regarding similar issues.