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Suge Knight’s Son Says 2Pac ‘Never Left Us,’ Is in Malaysia


In 1996, the rap world lost one of its biggest stars when Tupac Shakur was murdered by the Compton Crips in a drive-by shooting on the streets of Las Vegas.

Despite the LAPD revealing details of the case in the years since and clarifying what took place, there are still a great many people who believe in certain conspiracy theories surrounding the unfortunate event.

Many people maintain that Tupac is, in fact, still alive and well. The son of Marion “Suge” Knight recently fuelled this fire with a series of outlandish Instagram posts.


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The bizarre series of tweets began with this simple statement and with a lot of comments and likes, it appears to have gained some traction among disbelievers and believers alike.

In his story, Knight Jr. claims that Tupac is alive and well in Malaysia, sharing photos of an older Tupac with stars such as 50 Cent, Beyonce and even claims thats Tupac and Kanye have a track together.

Yup, pretty out there.

Some commenters naturally expressed disbelief but Knight Jr. was quick to state that he wasn’t under the influence of drugs when he posted the message. In the days since, there have been some other troubling messages posted, however, where Knight Jr. talks of the illuminati and a conspiracy against himself and his family.

Knight Sr. – Tupac’s label chief – was recently sentenced to 28 years in state prison last month due to the fact he was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter committed in January 2015.

The bizarre series of messages could be attributed to the large volumes of pressure that Knight Jr. finds himself under in this trying time. We do indeed hope that Tupac is alive and well, but we are pretty skeptical.

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