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T-Rex Spotted in Bizarre New York City Moment


The concrete jungle. The Big Apple… New York City.

There’s no place on Earth that’s quite as quirky and downright bizarre as New York City. The place is filled with character and fun-loving people who know how to have a good time.

All day long the city offers its almost 9 million residents – and countless visitors – a relentless string of unpredictable experiences. Once you turn a corner in New York City you don’t know what you may see, and that’s what makes it such a fascinating place.


Take, for example, this recent action-packed clip that is going around like wildfire. In the clip from New York’s Got Talent (a talk show showcasing the abilities of a talented New Yorker each episode), we see Jesus Francisco Guadalupe performing on his bucket drums.

The beat is amazing but there’s something else happening. Viewers will notice that Jesus suffers from phocomelia, a congenital deformity in which the limbs are severely underdeveloped or even absent. He pairs his short arms with a dinosaur hat to make himself resemble a t-rex that absolutely slays it on the drums!

As if this isn’t interesting enough, New York City continues to do its thing in the background and we see a man being arrested by the NYPD. Eagle-eyed watchers continue to find new hilarious details in the background as Guadalupe provides the perfect erratic drumming to capture NYC’s bizarre nature.

Watch out, for example, for the officer freeing himself of what appears to be a particularly nasty wedgie.

New York’s Got Talent continues to capture some of the people that make NYC such an interesting place and we hope that you bump into Guadalupe and his bucket drums soon – he rocks!