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This Guy Served His Friends Tacos Made of His Own Amputated Leg


Motorcycles are dangerous machines, as Reddit user IncrediblyShinyShart can attest to. Back in June 2016, he was thrown from his bike and into a nearby forest. As a consequence of the crash, his foot was destroyed and the doctor asked whether IncrediblyShinyShart would prefer to have the foot amputated.

Faced with a tough decision, he chose to amputate. On the condition, however, that he could take the foot home with him. He outlines the entire story in this bizarre Reddit post.

Warning, the imgur album is intense.

And things get stranger. The user decided to take home the amputated limb originally to freeze dry it and have a dark souvenir. This proved to be too expensive, however, so he decided the next best thing: to serve up his own flesh to a group of his friends.

The brunch had some normal staples: chocolate cake, gin, quiche… foot tacos.

But let’s take things back a bit. Before preparing the meal, IncrediblyShinyShart hacked away a good chunk of muscle and froze it for later consumption. The remaining piece of leg was cremated alongside some flowers.

The ten friends had often spoke about whether or not they would eat human flesh if they were given the legal opportunity – now they would have the chance.

A chef – one of the ten friends – prepared the ghastly meal after marinating it overnight. The flesh was sautéed and served in tortillas with a tomatillo sauce. If the meat were different, it doesn’t sound like a bad meal.

Apparently the muscle was tough and chewy, and tasted predominantly like beef. Despite the gross event, IncrediblyShinyShart said in a Vice interview that the experience “was a funny and weird and interesting way to move forward.”