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This guy spent $4000 on a giant statue to give everyone in his town the middle finger


Featured Image Credit: Ted Pelkey

We all know what it’s like to feel angry with somebody.

Sometimes we’ll act on that anger, or we may even let it fester within us while we plot the perfect way to get revenge. Or in some cases, we’ll build a $4000 monument to that anger and really stick it to the people we’re upset with.


That’s what one man from Westford, Vermont did. And it’s absolutely glorious – we’re just shocked it hasn’t happened already.

Ted Pelkey had plans to build a garage on his property so that he could conduct his truck repair and recycling work at home rather than driving to Swanton each day. It sounds like a pretty reasonable request but the battle for approval somehow raged for over a decade.

Bureaucracy is one of the most maddening webs to get caught within, and poor Ted kept receiving “no” again and again.

After the most recent “no”, the 54-year-old had to turn to desperate measures to articulate his anger. This is when he commissioned a 700 pound block pint statue of a hand giving the middle finger.

Credit: Ted Pelkey

To make sure that it really gets the point across both night and day, it was installed on a 16 foot pole and floodlights keep the finger rocking loud and proud even through the nighttime.

Ted was expecting for the middle finger to eventually be taken down, but it turns out that the law is in Ted’s favor for once! Rather than being classed as a billboard, the sign is proprected as a piece of public art which is covered by free speech.

When asked what he thought of the ruling, Ted said:

“Most wonderful thing I’ve ever been told in my life.”