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Fake Package Leaves Thieves Covered In Glitter And Fart Spray


It’s the holiday season and countless people will be ordering packages to their homes. If they’re out, lots of helpful delivery people will leave those packages outside in a hidden place. This means that the owner can easily get the package without going through complicated delivery procedures.

This has, unfortunately, led to the rise of “package thieves”.

These awful people prowl neighborhoods and look for those packages which have been left, snatching them up without knowing what’s inside. It’s a really horrible practice and over the years, many people have been caught due to CCTV and security cameras.

The internet loves to shame these people, but one guy decided to take it to the next level.

Mark Rober is a massively successful YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. He orders packages to his home regularly, and has fallen victim to these thieves before.

So he hatched a plan and set up a piece of bait that wasn’t quite what it seemed.

The package was rigged with a bunch of nasty surprises such as fart spray and a glitter bomb. Best of all, though, it was rigged up with four cameras so that it could capture all of the action!

Predictably, a horrible person cruises by and can’t resist picking up the package. At around 5:30 into the video you’ll see what unfolds as the person tries to claw their way into the package.

The rest of the footage is hilarious and it’s amazing to see what happens.


We hope that as many people see this video as possible and that it reduces the number of package thieves we see this holiday season.

Look out for your packages people!