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Twin Street Buskers Perform Pitch Perfect Beatles Cover – Launch Nationwide Tour


Everyone loves awesome musicians who play solely for the love of their craft. Their genuine passion for music is electrifying and we all want them to succeed in whatever capacity they desire. It’s such a pleasure when a band or musician gets to start living their dream and sharing their talent on a wider scale.

The digital age has presented bands with new opportunities to be discovered. In the past, bands had a hard time getting noticed and so many talented musicians never quite got there. Now, the right people in the right place can create magic and rocket a band to success.

Take Blac Rabbit, for example. This is a four-piece band from NYC and they have a pretty awesome story in terms of their path from practice rooms to the international stage.

Around seven months ago the band were filmed by New York Nico on the subway performing a pitch-perfect rendition of Eight Days a Week from The Beatles, and the video was sent to Urban Leak.

Even in this quick snippet the talent is palpable. The video spread like wildfire, gathering over 26 million views and launching their career on a totally new path. With more smashes like below, they have collected over 40 million views on the Urban Leak page alone.

From the video going viral, they we’re then mentioned in the New York Times, New York Post, and we’re even brought onto the Ellen Degeneres show.

In the time since the band has launched a nationwide tour that they finished early in the summer and have just announced a European tour for the fall.

At their concerts expect a blend of their own music (described as have “all of the positivity and optimism of an LSD trip with none of the existential dread”) with stunning covers of the music of The Beatles.

The band is composed of identical twin brothers Amiri and Rahiem Taylor with Patrick Jones on drums and Josh Lugo on bass. Rahiem explained in an interview that the band wants to create “wholesome, melodic, digestible but also very intelligent, deep, thought-provoking music.”

Listen to a snippet of their Audiotree session they recorded while touring in Chicago.

You can check out their debut EP here and you should keep your eyes peeled for new material that is coming soon.