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Vinyl Sales Are Even Higher Than Industry Figures Suggest


People love to say that vinyl is extinct — especially according to professionals in the industry. But apparently that’s not true. Vinyl is apparently having sustained popularity, with sales being much higher than previously thought. Since industry figures don’t reflect the number of used records being sold, the number is much higher than perceived or reported by the Recording Industry Association of America.

New data that has been reported by Forbes asserts that vinyl sales are much higher than reports show — with potential figures perhaps doubling what’s currently recorded!

Vinyl marketplaces like Discogs and eBay have supplied detailed statistics on used vinyl sales in honor of Vinyl Obsession Week. (Side note: who knew that was a thing? There truly is a holiday for everything these days.) The figures show that there were about six million sales of second-hand vinyl last year. When combined with the 900,00 used vinyl sales from Amazon and the many other sales from smaller U.S. retailers, used vinyl sales figures are estimated to be about eight million.

Keep in mind, that’s only counting online sales. Ron Rich, Senior Vice President of Discogs, says that there may be just as many offline sales as there are online, which could bring the figure up to a whopping 16 million second-hand vinyl sales in 2017. That number matches the reported sales numbers of new vinyl, which is quite impressive.

So why are the official figures so low? Well, the Recording Industry Association of America doesn’t include used vinyl sales in their statistics, since second-hand sales don’t send a percentage of the costs to artists.