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WATCH Will Smith Bungee Jump Out Of Helicopter Into Grand Canyon On 50th Birthday


Note, this is a breaking story and is unfolding live as of 7:03 PM EST on September 25th. You can watch the full Youtube Live video below.

Will Smith isn’t like most of us. For his 50th bday, the ‘Fresh Prince’ has decided to take to the chopper, and Bungee jump into the Grand Canyon.

Credit, Will Smith Instagram. His caption, “6 months in the making…”.

This is all for a good cause however, in a true giving Big Willy Style way, he has opened a donation link in the video with all proceeds benefiting charity.

It all started when earlier this year, Yes Theory (the Youtube Channel) challenged him to do the jump and the actor only accepted the ridiculous challenge if it was to raise awareness and encourage donations for education campaigns run by the international advocacy group Global Citizen. The jump is also benefiting the group Omaze.

Here’s Smith only hours until his jump…

Credit, Will Smith Instagram.

Clearly Will is spending his final moments before the stunt with his family and friends.

The network even brought out Carlton aka Alfonso Ribeiro, to be the on air host for the jump.

In a test flyover on the Grand Canyon, the crew threw out a stunt ‘dummy’, which his legs got caught and one of them even fell off.

Will said in disbelief, “Did that dummy’s leg just come off? Somebody should fix that,” the actor joked. “I don’t want my leg to come off.

“Anyway, I’ll be jumping with both my legs at 3pm… after they’ve fixed that issue. Hopefully that’s not going to be a problem live.”

You can watch the video as it unfolds below: