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Weird And Wonderful ‘Mutant’ Party Vehicles Of Burning Man


For Lake Tahoe resident and captain of the Burning Man Party Art Vehicle “Christina”, life is good.

Flipper Manchester, turned what was once a dry docked unsalvageable 65 foot boat into one of Black Rock City’s greatest party vehicles Manchester completed the project in 2011, winning Burning Man’s Art Car of the Year award. “Christina”, as he affectionately calls it, is powered by an old cement mixer chasis and can hold up to 150 people.


The project cost him $20,000 of his own money, and got help labor donations from mechanics in the Tahoe area. Flipper has been bringing the boat to the Burn for the last 8 years, and he estimates it costs him around $15,000 each year.

The Yacht attracts so many people that Flipper had to hire ex-Marines for security. He says every time the vessel stops, people flood the doors.

“Christina” the party yacht isn’t the only wacky vehicle to grace Black Rock desert.

Here’s a few of our other favorites:

The Steampunk Octopus Flamethrower “El Pulpo Mecanico”, which also made its first Burn in 2011.


Video Credit Techno and Chill

The combination of art and technology is described by one witness “This was one of the best shows on the playa at night… by daytime, it was a beautiful gleaming machine and best of all camped pretty close to my camp. I got to talk to the people with this beautiful vehicle and they were very nice people! Just bringing their art for us to enjoy!”

Ripper the Shark, an art car made by Texas artist Tom Kennedy.

A Dragon Car (Unknown Name)

This 747 Plane Party Car (Burning Mans Biggest)

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