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‘World’s Most Tattooed Doctor’ Reveals The Awful Judgement She’s Had To Face


Despite a wider acceptance these days and thousands of years of history backing them, tattoos are still frowned upon in many ways… even for the medical professionals that rock them.

Dr. Sarah Gray, a 30-year-old medical professional from Adelaide, Australia, has dozens of colorful tattoos from collarbone to foot, standing out both in her field and in daily life. She says discrimination of body modification and art is very much alive and well despite a growing acceptance in many cultures.

Credit: Instagram/@rosesarered_23

Dr. Gray has faced quite a bit of discrimination over her body art, despite her elite profession. One of her most negative experiences was experienced on her birthday, while buying a pair of shoes at a high-end retailer. Apparently, she was completely ignored by sales associates for her appearance.

“They all served other customers first and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me,” Dr. Gray explained. “I waited politely for ages and eventually gave up and left. They did themselves out of a sale and I saved myself $1,000, so I guess that’s one bonus!”

Credit: Instagram/@rosesarered_23

She’s been grabbed by people without asking, received bad looks on the streets, and has been denied entrance into a casino. Even worse, she’s been discriminated against during meetings with her colleagues:

“I was out for lunch in a restaurant with my partner on the Gold Coast when we were seated at a table,” she said. “After being seated for lunch, management then came up to us and asked us to leave as they had a ‘no visible tattoo policy’ for diners. That was a little disappointing to say the least.”

Credit: Instagram/@rosesarered_23

Despite the hate, Dr. Gray says she believes everyone should be able to love the skin they’re in, no matter how they choose to decorate it. In her professional career, she combats excessive judgment by working harder to facilitate strong professional relationships, all the while maintaining a positive attitude.

Her word to those who choose to judge books by their covers:

“For those that don’t like tattoos, that’s entirely their prerogative, I just urge them to at least consider the artistic skill that goes into creating body art, before they judge someone harshly at face value for choosing to wear them.”