Child Predator Caught At A Carnival on Facebook Live,Blames It On “Buddy”

A video of a child predator being confronted on Facebook Live has gone viral.

The incident took place at a carnival in Saskatchewan,Canada. The man was apparently lured by the guy filming through messaging on Facebook. When confronted he insisted he was only there to meet the underage girl for his friend. Despite the messages being traced back to his account and being caught messaging the girl while waiting at the scene. He then swings on the guy filming and takes off.

He even slips us and accidentally admits it was actually him behind the messages. Since the video more information on the predator has come to light.

According to the guy who caught up with the creep,he’s been involved with a lot more than just trying to meet underage girls:

“Please make sure you keep sharing this!! He needs to be known!! This guy was a king pin drug trafficker in fort mac, he even sold fentanyl!! Got a 10 and a half year sentence!! Now he’s out trying to lure a child!! Don’t let him go silent!! Let’s get him off the streets and known!! I’ll be working hard with the police all the way to try and have this guy sent away for very long!!”

Authorities are now investigating the situation,hopefully getting this guy off the streets for good.