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Cop Killer Pleaded Insanity And Claimed ‘Police Brutality’ After Killing Officer and Jumpin Out Of Building

A decade ago things got crazy in an interrogation room in Providence, Rhode Island .

Former barber Esteban Carpio was initially arrested for being a suspect in a stabbing involving an old woman. During the interview, Caprio asked for a glass of water.

One of the two officers question left the room. Leaving Carpio alone with Officer James Allen an officer in Providence for 27 years.

Somehow Carpio got a hold of Allen’s gun, shot him two times, and then jumped from a three-story building in an attempt to escape. He was caught 45 minutes later.

The next day Caprio appeared in court with a mask on but seemed to have been beaten severely. The mask on his face could not cover up his swollen face and bloodshot eyes.

Despite his family claims of police brutality, the court concluded that no excessive force was used in the arrest of Caprio. Providence police said that his injuries came from his three-story fall and his resisting of arrest.

In an attempt for freedom,Caprio pleaded insanity. He even wore a face mask as security officials believed it was needed to prevent him from biting or spitting on those around him. The court rejected his plea of insanity and sentenced Caprio to life in prison without parole for the murder of a police officer.

With all of this hysteria and frenzy over the antics in and outside of court something that unfortunately can’t be overlooked is the loss of life.

Officer James allen’s death affected many within the community. Mayor of Providence David Cicilline spoke highly on Allen, “Jimmy Allen passed in the noblest way possible. He gave his life trying to make our lives safer. He died a hero.”