Drunk Guy Vomits On Reporter Live On Air During July 4th Celebration

The Fourth of July calls for some good ol’ American fun, like shotgunning beers and watching fireworks. Many local news outlets cover the festivities, sharing in the celebration of the land of the free and home of the brave. But one news reporter found herself in a cringe worthy situation when covering the Iron Man contest on a beach in L.A..

Wendy Birch, a journalist for KTLA 5, went to the annual event to interview participates about the race. The contest includes competitors running a mile in the sand (which feels more like three), swimming a mile in the cold Cali ocean, and finishing off by chugging a six pack of beer. America, am I right?

When interviewing one competitor, Birch is surrounded by drunken beach goers and the camera even pans to a girl doing a keg stand. Shortly after, someone from the crowd projectile vomits on the pair. While the majority of the puke (that we can see) hit the man, Birch got it right to the face; mouth open and everything. A delay by the station shows a long action shot of the scene before cutting back to the main feed, where the two anchors are trying to keep it together. But that’s not all…the only thing worse than getting puked on, is getting puked on at 9:08 a.m..