Six Surprising Facts About Weed And What It Does To Your Body!

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Ever wonder what happens to your body when you smoke some dank kush? Why are you so happy? Why do you get the munchies? What’s happening to you?! Well thank goodness you stumbled across this gallery because we are here to tell you six crazy facts that weed does to your body.
So what exactly makes you high? The ingredient that gets you high is known as tetrahydrocannabinol a.k.a THC. After taking a hit, first time tokers or long time stoners will start feeling the effects of relaxation and feelings of giddiness.

Whether you took a hit from a bong or ate a pot brownie, once the ingredient enters the bloodstream things start to get crazy. Dopamine is released into your system and that is what causes your feel-good attitude.
Unfortunately not everyone gets a positive reaction from getting high. Some people may get a bad trip. The effects of weed cause emotion receptors to go crazy and people may start to become more paranoid. Everyone, grab your tinfoil hats!
Other than the changes in your emotions, THC causes pot smokers to get pretty hungry a.k.a the munchies. It can give you some intense food cravings which is probably why you may find yourself stuffing your face with hot cheetos and takis.

But all good feelings must come to an end. These feel-good effects are only temporarily and may start to fade between two to six hours after consumption. Once the giddiness is gone, you may start to feel the complete opposite and become sad and sluggish.
Although you might feel and look normal on the outside, the effects of THC can remain inside your system from between 20 hours to up to 10 DAYS!