Snorting Lines of CHOCOLATE is the Latest Craze in Europe’s Nightclubs

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Clubbers in Europe are using a new way to get high that’s quickly becoming more popular than cocaine. Perhaps most shockingly, it can be purchased at just about every store across the world… LEGALLY! Even children have been seen taking it to school as a snack between classes. Don’t worry, parents… we’re only talking about CHOCOLATE.

Hold on though. Before you go stuffing that Hershey’s bar up your nostrils, it’s important to know that these people are actually snorting pure cocoa powder, also called raw cocoa.


After a user snorts the raw cocoa powder, a burst of endorphins is sent to the brain which triggers feelings of euphoria. Fans of the drug say the euphoric feeling is similar to that of cocaine or ecstacy. It is also believed to rush oxygen to the brain and contains high amounts of magnesium, which relaxes your muscles.


Critics of snorting this chocolate powder are coming out of the woodwork, pleading with people to stop promoting the drug’s use. They maintain that snorting anything isn’t healthy. Scientists, however, are saying it’s safe.

We don’t know what to think, but it’s gotta be safer than whatever’s being sold on the streets, right?

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