This Woman Slept With Her Snake Every Night… Then Doctors Told Her The Horrifying Truth

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People love their pets just like any other member of the family. We want them by our sides all the time, even if that means letting them sleep in bed with us.

That’s perfectly acceptable when you have a cat or a dog, but some pets should absolutely never be allowed on the bed.


One woman learned this the hard way after letting her beloved python sleep with her in bed every night. The snake would often lay out, spreading the entire length of the women’s body. Then one day, the python suddenly stopped eating, and the woman took him to the vet to find out what was wrong.


The veterinarian asked several questions about the snake’s behavior, eventually arriving at the woman’s unusual sleeping arrangement with her snake. That’s when the vet’s questions started getting a little more specific…


The woman was absolutely shocked when the vet told her the shocking news: her python had stopped eating because it was preparing its stomach for the super-sized meal it had been stalking: her.


Thanks to her vet, the dedicated pet owner just barely avoided becoming her pet snakes favorite meal ever.


Incredibly, the women chose to keep the snake as a pet; although she no longer allows it to sleep in her bed.