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Americans Take Bird Box Challenge To The Next Level By Catching Alligators


Bird Box took the world by storm. Propelled to success by a release during the holiday season and some keen marketing from Netflix, it has struck a chord with people from around the world.

In its wake, the “Bird Box Challenge” has spread like wildfire. Under the terms of the challenge, people try to complete daily tasks without the help of their own eyes. Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds and yes, there are countless delicious fail videos to enjoy online.

Netflix has tried to do its part to stop the madness, at least:

But it hasn’t helped.

Just when you thought we couldn’t get any dumber than 2018, we are 11 days into the year and somebody has already crashed their car while driving blindfolded because they saw it in a movie.

Well, everyone knows that we Americans love to take things to the next level. As such, a group of brave pioneers filmed themselves catching alligators while blindfolded.

Yes it’s pretty insane and it makes for some stressful watching. In an utterly bizarre twist, this footage is from five years ago. It seems like this brave group of people predicted the meme and despite the blindfold, saw straight into 2019.

The challenge appears to be gathering even more speed and countless YouTubers have had their offerings removed by the platform, which removes dangerous and inappropriate content. There was some juicy controversy because Logan Paul’s video stayed up for longer before eventually being removed by the platform.

Stay safe out there and please don’t hurt yourself with this challenge! Play it safe – sit back and enjoy the fail videos.