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Big Brother Gets Tattoo Of Brother With Down Syndrome, He Absolutely Loves It


Siblinghood is a truly special bond and those of us who have brothers and sisters really are blessed. They’re there for us no matter what and they play a special role in shaping who we are as people. We can learn from them and they also learn from us.

Being the big brother or sister means that we take on particularly important responsibilities, having to teach our younger siblings what we know and how to go forward in the correct way.

Approval or disapproval from an older sibling means a lot and it can be a big motivator when helping younger siblings be the right type of person. With great power comes great responsibility.

This recent video shows Rafa showing off his new ink to his sweet younger brother Erick, who has Down’s syndrome. The tattoo is a very special one, though:

As Erick takes in every detail of the tattoo it’s clear to see the happiness that the two brothers share. His gentle touch runs over the tattoo and he’s clearly delighted.

The brothers share a moment they’ll never forget and Erick’s face – captured in the most badass way possible within the head of a lion – looks awesome.

The images were captured by Soares, the mother of the two awesome brothers. In the caption to the video, she wrote:

“Look at my puppy’s reaction to the beautiful tribute, his face tattooed inside a lion’s mouth. The video is EXCITING. That’s why I saw Rafa asking Erick to make brave face.”

We are so happy that we can bear witness to such a wholesome moment. However complicated the world may seem these days there’s nothing as pure and simple as the love that is shared between siblings.


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