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Eating Less Meat In 2019 Is The Best Thing You Can Do For The Planet


Image Credit: Unsplash

How are you planning to make 2019 a special year?

We’re all familiar with the common resolutions: hit the gym, work harder, sleep earlier… According to The Guardian, though, cutting down on your meat consumption in 2019 is an amazing way to benefit yourself and the environment that we all share.

And more people are on board than ever before… Why?

Well, not only does a lot of research suggest that eating reduced levels of meat (or none at all) can be better for our health, research from the past year has proven that our reliance upon meat – specifically beef and pork – is fuelling climate change and polluting our environment.

By cutting down on the amount of meat that we consume, we can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by cows and fertilizers. We’ll also reduce the pollution that seeps into our streams, rivers, and the ocean.


Scientists and environmentalists hope that 2019 will be a key year for changing the broken global food system that we currently have. We’re looking forward to playing our part, and the “flexitarian” diet is making it easier than ever before.

Just how much do we have to cut down, though?

Well, one group of scientists have said that we need western countries need to reduce beef consumption by a staggering 90%. It sounds insurmountable, perhaps, but if everyone plays their part in 2019, we’ll be on the right path.

Acting now is critical. By 2050 there will be an extra 2 billion mouths to feed and we need to find alternative solutions. The existing dynamic is unsustainable and if we bury our heads in the sand, we’ll face many more issues in the future.


Are you going to make 2019 the year you do yourself and the planet a favor? We’re looking forward to hearing your input.