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Farmers Almanac Predicts ‘Teeth Chattering Cold Ahead’ In Frigid Winter Outlook


Gear up folks, this year is going to be a cold one — and not just for people living in the northeast. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this winter is going to be brutally cold, with “Colder-than-normal [weather]… from the Continental Divide east through the Appalachians.”


States that are typically warm during winter aren’t getting off easy, either. “The Almanac also forecasts an unusually snowy and/or wet winter across the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic States,” says a recent update. “In these regions, the thermometer will be hovering just above or just below the freezing mark, which means some of the precipitation may fall as either ice or rain/freezing rain.”

Yuck! But is all this speculation even worth the fuss?

Well, many people swear by the Farmer’s Almanac — and with good reason. But beyond being grounded in wives tales, the Old Farmer’s Almanac can’t necessarily compete with meteorologists who claim to have 100 years of climate data. However, the Almanac claims to be over 80 percent accurate according to Sarah Perreault, who’s the senior editor. This accuracy could, perhaps, be because the Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t work alone; they also utilize modern technology and partner with meteorologists.

Weather Channel Report Caught Being Overly Dramatic

“We work alongside a meteorologist to determine weather patterns,” Perreault said. “Last year, we were slightly above average in our predictions.” So the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s predictions aren’t all hocus pocus. But if meteorologists mistake weather that’s 5 days away, it’s pretty unlikely that the Almanac can nail weather that’s 5 months away. But hey, ya never know.

If your a skier or snowboarder this should come as the type of news you hope for, but if your a beach bum like the guy below, you can understandably be a little upset.


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