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What Is Sleep Debt and How To Stop It From Robbing Your Zzz’s


Today’s generation has more sleep debt than any generation before them, and stress + bad habits are to blame.

What’s sleep debt? It’s the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep. Which ultimately leads to extreme mental and physical fatigue.

Sleep.org says that we cough up $66 Billion annually due to fatigue caused from sleep debt between healthcare expenses and lost productivity in the workplace. Even worse, fatigue causes over 100,000 car accidents and 1,500 deaths each year.

7 to 9 hours… That’s what the National Sleep Foundation recommends we get every night to be restful-rich. Sleep even an hour less than that each night a week, and your building up some serious sleep debt doctors say.


People It’s Time Get Serious

If your sleep debt is above 5 hours per week, don’t bank on the Saturday or Sunday binge sleep in to save you. Doctor’s say that can actually make you more tired come Monday.

The best practice is to get to bed early.

But it’s hard to get to bed early, right?

Thankfully, we’ve found a real solution in app form. It’s called Calm, the 2017 App of the Year named by Apple.

Calm gently guides you into a more restful state through breathing exercises, meditation, music and Sleep Stories.

It’s the perfect tool for those looking to reduce stress and anxiety, while gaining a more mindful connection with your own body.

Over 34 million downloads later and Calm is now the #1 app for mindfulness and sleep.

How does Calm work for sleep?

Through breathing exercises like this one below, Calm guides you into a deeper relaxation, allowing you to clear your mind through breath control.

American Airlines

Take a deep breath on your next flight. Calm’s teamed up with American Airlines to help you relax your body, settle your mind, and enjoy your flight. 💙✈️

Posted by Calm on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Additionally, there are curated sleep stories like Happy Little Zzz’s with Bob Ross and songs specifically designed by Calm to enhance your slumber.

Coffee, social media, and endless communication are keeping our brains churning way past bedtime and the effects are taking their toll.

It’s time we pay up our sleep debts, ditch the 3rd daily cup of joe, and relax our minds. Sleep is the new trend that will never go out of style.

Try Calm for free here if you’re serious about maintaining a healthy mental well being.

This article was written in collaboration with our partner Calm.