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Just in Time For “Teeth Chattering Cold Winter” World’s Best Onesie Has Arrived


The highly anticipated and strangely accurate Farmers Almanac winter weather outlook has finally arrived.

The forecast, “teeth chattering cold ahead”.

Spread the news and prepare.

If you can’t make it down to Florida to avoid the blistering cold, it’s time to consider a warm, comfy, onesie.

That’s right you heard us correct – a sporty, go around the town, do all, manly man’s onesie.

Tuxy, creator of ‘The World’s Best Onesie’, came up with the perfect lounge piece for those relaxing moments that fall and winter bring us.

After taking the internet by storm in 2017 and selling out like crazy during launch last year, the company is back and ready to get you geared up for the icy winter ahead.

The onesie’s patented design function’s as two independent pieces, with all the perks of a one piece suit. So you never feel constrained, always flexible and limber for maximum relaxation.

Couple that with a custom hood, heavy duty zippers, and a rugged bag to take your Tuxy anywhere, this is truly the onesie that changes everything.

But the innovators didn’t stop there, they also included internal audio access (so you can run your headphones through the inside), and a custom cell phone pocket so your device doesn’t go anywhere.

In light of the weather predictions, creators of the World’s Best Onesie Tuxy, has ramped up the production to stay ahead of demand.

You can get your Tuxy here, comfort and coziness is waiting!

Check out everywhere the owners have taken the Tuxy on their IG, from the mountains to the gym, and all the moments in between.